3 luxurious mansions for sale!

Compound from outside

Three spacy and comfortable mansions and 7 parcels open for construction, all in the same compund, are now being sold.

Location: Kigali, Gasabo district, Ndera sector, Masoro cell, Umudugudu Matwari; close to AZAM Enterprises

  • First house, located on the right side: 75 000 000 RWF (75 million)

    Right house, 75 million RWF

    Right house, 75 million RWF

  • Second house, located in the compound’s center: 70 000 000 RWF (70 million)

    Center house, 70 million RWF

    Center house, 70 million RWF

  • Third house, located on the left: 60 000 000 RWF (60 million)


    Left house, 60 million RWF

  • 7 plain parcels: total price of 170 000 000 RWF (170 million)

The compound is perfectly suited to be aquired as a whole, to be used as a hotel, hospital or similar business for example. However the houses/parcels can also be aquired separately.