22 workers complete training with Bajeruwa

DSCF1111June 5th, Bajeruwa held its first service training for 22 applicants from different domains of the service sector at Hotel Le Capri in Nyamirambo.

The training commenced at 9 AM when Managing Director Nsengiyumva Jeremie officially welcomed the trainees.

Trainer Paul Lüdemann explains about professionalism and customer care

Trainer Paul Lüdemann explains about professionalism and customer care

Over the day they received training in different units such as Customer Care, Good Service and Professionalism from trainers Umuhire Yvette, Nsengiyumva Jeremie, Bagamwabo Octave and Paul Lüdemann. Another unit was conducted by Mr Gasana, a Bajeruwa-certified service provider.

After completing the training, each participant took a written test in order to check their understanding of different service-related issues from the units. After the evaluation the trainees who succeeded were presented with the Bajeruwa Certificate of Good Service.

Directors Nsengiyumva Jeremie (center) and Bagamwabo Octave (right) hand over the certificates to successfull participants

Nine of the certified participants are going to be immediately employed with a Bajeruwa partner, the others are to receive a job very soon.


About Paul

Paul is a handsome, smart and quite charming young activist and freedom fighter whose exploits have recently led him to the land of the thousand hills. Lets see how he's doing.

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