Job Openings – Apply Now!

BAJERUWA Service Co. Ltd. which provides a variety of domestic services in different companies has the pleasure to inform all interested persons that we are now accepting applications to the following job description. Applications can be handed in at our office in Nyamirambo, Mirongo Ine, Joc House/Tigo House, Door no. 19.

The applicant must fulfill the following:

  • Knowledge in one of the following fields: Tourism & hotel management, accountancy, secretariat, electricity, plumbery, IT in the categories A3, A2, A1, A0/bachelor degree (indicate in application)
  • Hand in certificate and/or diploma of mentioned skills, application letter, CV, certificate(s) of former employments
  • Be available in the whole country
  • Be able to speak and write Kinyarwanda and English/French

Applicants who are accepted will participate in a ‘customer care’ training by BAJERUWA Service Co. Ltd. before being employed in an enterprise in need of their services. Successful applicants are obliged to pay a training fee of 10 000 RWF (ten thousand Rwandan Francs).

Applications will be accepted in Kinyarwanda, French or English. The deadline is May 25, 2013 at 5 PM.

For more information call 078 8420 647

or 078 8644 070

or contact us at


About Paul

Paul is a handsome, smart and quite charming young activist and freedom fighter whose exploits have recently led him to the land of the thousand hills. Lets see how he's doing.

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